The Team

Roy Student – President, Director

Before taking the position of a President and member of the Board of Directors of Alternative Gaming Solutions Inc., Roy Student has been the force behind the successful U.S. market entry for companies coming from Asia, Europe and South America. While President of Cyberview Technology, an international software and systems developer now part of IGT, Student crafted the plan for the company to go from a relatively unknown into the acknowledged pioneer of server-based, downloadable gaming for the U.S. casino industry.  

A long-time gaming and hospitality executive, Student utilizes his key expertise and experience as a sought-after consultant and speaker to the international casino and gaming industry from his base in Las Vegas.  Student has traveled throughout the world and has extensive gaming contacts and relationships within the various global regions that he has acquired over the last thirty-nine years in the gaming industry.

Alexander Gornakov – CEO, Director

Alexander Gornakov found Alternative Gaming Solutions with the vision to develop innovative gaming experience for the new generation of gaming customers.  As young entrepreneur, his belief is that gaming for the new generation shall offer the interactivity and modern technology advancements tightly bound with the excitement of the gambling experience.  The values he wants to instill in the company and its team are open - minded creativity, flexibility and a customer - driven approach.

Terry McKee - Advisory Board Member

Terry McKee sits on the Advisory Board of Alternative Gaming Solutions. His stellar expertise is in structuring start ups and new operations, strategic planning and positioning. McKee has been involved in broad spectrum of consulting and executive activities internationally and in the USA. He was a Senior VP of USA operations development for AFLAC, a Fortune 160 company. As a COO and President of international operations he opened, structured and oversaw AFLAC’s wholly owned international subsidiaries. He was acknowledged as a driver behind the expansion of AFLAC nationwide from 12 southern states to all 50 USA states and the development and implementation of strategic sales and positioning strategy.