Multi Games




The excitement of the desert off-road raids, the car racing, and the powerful motorbike experience offered in MOTORMANIA™ is a real challenge to every fan of the high speed or admirer of the off-road experience.

MOTORMANIA™ offers great variety of jackpots, different math models, volatility and bonus events, covering the preferences of various players in different markets. The innovative 3D graphic presentation, high interactivity and engaging experience, the games from this collection are especially suitable for operation in tourist areas, resorts, and big casinos attracting visitors with broader player’s profile.

MOTORMANIA™ multigame game suit can be linked to an attractive multilevel jackpot system, which provides total setting flexibility for the casino and a wide choice of themed jackpot tables that set the final touch to the Game suit’s identity.






This product has been certified against the GLI 11 Regulatory Standards Verification Specification.

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